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Midad: The Public and Intimate Lives of Arabic Calligraphy


12 APRIL 2017


The inaugural exhibition of the El-Nimer Collection, Midad presents over 75 pieces from the eighth to the twentieth century, alongside five new commissions from contemporary artists. 

The exhibition investigates the ways in which Arabic calligraphy has throughout history mirrored notions of the public and private, the political and personal, the performative and poetic, as well as the literary environments of its time.

Unbound to chronology or geography, Midād explores Arabic script’s development, transformation and diverse application over time and across the world. Beyond the texts they contain, manuscripts, panels, ceramics, textiles and tools are objects that have been redefined by a process of circulation in different social, geographic and cultural contexts of history.



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Nation Estate

Larissa Sansour

C Print 75 CM x 150 CM Palestine 2012 Edition 3/3