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Located in the heart of Beirut, Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture is an independent non- profit art foundation for historical, modern and contemporary cultural productions from Palestine and the region. Dar El-Nimer promotes deep historical awareness and keen intellectual maturity by hosting productions by curators, writers, historians, performers, musicians and filmmakers, whose works engage with the challenging social realities and political currents shaping the region. Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture is also responsible for the El-Nimer Collection.

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Celebrating the region’s rich and complex cultural heritage to trace its continuity, creativity, and perseverance. Dar El-Nimer challenges misconceptions and envisages self-representation through arts and culture, opening up possibilities for deeper understanding.


Broadening the palette of artistic experiences. Dar El-Nimer offers a vibrant space for interaction. Alongside its annual exhibitions, its space is open for art residencies, lectures, discussion panels, film screenings, musical performances, theatre and workshops.


Placing local communities as a priority. Dar El-Nimer connects with schools, educational centers and universities to benefit from its resources and invites the users of the foundation’s space to work experimentally, encouraging multi- disciplinary collaborations and innovative ways of engaging society with cultural production and the arts.


Dedicated to re-envisioning regional history through the arts, three kinds of exhibitions take place at Dar El-Nimer: exhibitions curated from the El-Nimer Collection, commissioned exhibitions in support of artists in different fields of art, and hosted exhibitions from the region and abroad.

Dar El-Nimer offers a wide range of spaces for cultural performances to also include theater and storytelling, film screenings and debates, musical performances, book signings, panels, lectures and scholarly presentations.

The institution prioritizes community outreach and offers educational workshops and creative activities through its youth programs and collaborations with schools.


Dar El-Nimer aims to create collaborations within the borders of the Arab World and beyond by promoting the cultural and artistic legacy of the region, and extending bridges between different audiences.

Having been recently established, Dar El-Nimer has been able to develop collaborations with local, Arab and international institutions, offering an array
of events and activities that reflects its values and aspirations, while catering to its evergrowing audience.

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Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture is located in Villa Salem, a charming building of the 1930’s, built by French architect Lucien Cavro. It is one of the first buildings in Beirut to use Le Corbusier’s ‘domino effect,’ lending itself perfectly to renovation.

With the opening of Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture, the building is preserved and revived to enter the public domain as an accessible, user- friendly and interactive public space.


The El-Nimer Collection has been over forty years in the making. It is a continuously growing collection of items selected for both aesthetic and historic value. The collection sheds light on the rich and complex evolution of the socio-political history of the region through its cultural and artistic productions. It includes pieces spanning around ten centuries of civilization and hailing from the vast lands that have carried, or interacted with, the legacy of Islamic culture.

The collection’s highlights include manuscripts, numismatics, ceramics, glass, arms and armour, textile, woodwork, metal, icons and crosses from Jerusalem, Armenian pottery, modern and contemporary Palestinian art as well as Orientalist paintings and drawings.

Each year, Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture presents a thematic exhibition curated from the private collection of its founder. The collection is made public through these exhibitions.


Born in Nablus, Palestine, Rami El-Nimer’s passion for collecting art began at a young age. His collection embraces a multi-faceted identity, rooted in Palestine, harking back to a time when borders were open and the cultural exchange of art and ideas was unimpeded. His collection has grown to become a commemoration of resilience against modern erasure of memory and the distortion of identity.

Focused not on only growing his collection, but on sharing it with the public, Rami El-Nimer founded Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture in 2015 to encourage a healthy discussion around the collection’s items and to re-imagine a more inclusive and coherent cultural narrative for the region. He has also initiated a corporate art collection for the First National Bank since 2009, and sits on the board of several cultural institutions, among them the Institute for Palestine Studies.


Rasha Salah
Executive Director

Lama Koubrously
Head of Collections

Léa Vicente
Head of Collections Assistant

Maha Kobeissy
Outreach and Public Programs Officer

Omar Thawabeh
Communication Officer

Farah Fayyad
Graphic Designer

Joceline Issa
Office Manager

Rimah Salah
Audiovisual Support

Leila Rizkallah

Marlene Rizkallah

Rakan Tohmeh

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